The moon has long admired the tenacity of the people of Earth! Collect their love by jumping through the heavens! Become empowered by their dreams to reach your own! But, avoid the trickster asteroids who would like nothing more than to prank you!

  1. Created for Ludum Dare 38 Compo, a 48 hour game development competition! Here's the entry page.
  2. Development was livestreamed on Twitch!
  3. You can contact me on Twitter too.


  • Left and right arrow to move left and right.
  • C to jump.
  • X to crouch.

There are also several special jumps to discover:

  • Jump immediately after landing to jump higher
  • Run, crouch, then jump to execute a long, low jump
  • Switch move directions just before landing then jump to transform horizontal movement to jump height
  • Quickly alternate between left and right directions and then jump to jump extra high
  • Crouch in the air to quickly land
  • Crouch in the air and then quickly jump to perform a short mid-air jump
  • Stop, hold crouch, then jump to perform a backwards jump
  • Release crouch in the air during a backwards jump, then jump after landing to reverse momentum
  • You can chain all these jumps together!
In game fonts by Felix Braden and Yuji Oshimoto.

Install instructions

The game was made for 640x480 resolution! Please play at that if possible. All 4:3 should work OK except for some GUI stretching. Others might have weird behavior! I left all options enabled in case someone's setup required it.


Its a Small World - LDJam38 - 13 MB


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Hello! I loved your game it was so sweet and such fun to play! I made a let's play of your game alongside another one here~

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the game

You're more than welcome! Good luck with your future projects :D