Hi! This program illustrates various math formulas involved in lighting calculations.


  • Click the buttons along the bottom of the window to switch formulas.
  • Click and drag on various elements to change vectors and other parameters. You can wait a second or two without moving for indicators to appear on screen, displaying interactable objects.

Lighting Modes

The program illustrates the following modes:

  1. Diffuse. This models the soft lighting which appears on the surface of an object facing a light source.
  2. Specular. This models highlights that appear on shiny surfaces. Increasing the smoothness slider focuses the highlight.
  3. Specular with diffuse. This model makes sure highlights don't appear on shadowed surfaces.
  4. Rim / Fresnel. This creates a virtual light behind an object, lighting surfaces on the edge of view. It's useful to make characters stand out from the background.
  5. Reflective. This models light from a perfect mirror.
  6. Translucent scattering. This models light seen through a translucent, or semi-opaque, material. The material often bends light as it passes through, the scattering slider controls the strength of this effect.

If you have suggestions for additional modes, please get in touch!

Social Links

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