As your species expands into the stars, you are tasked with discovering alien lifeforms by scanning the sky. Search for signals and learn to pick random extraterrestrial broadcasts from the regular patterns of other astronomical objects. Zoom into a fractal galaxy and explore! Start your own Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence!

As you search the sky, you will hear noise and see pixels at the bottom of the screen. This means you have found a signal! Zoom in and try and find it again. Signals with regular patterns are not alien civilizations - these are random.

When you start the game, it must generate the galaxy and 300,000 signals! This usually takes about 5 seconds, so please be patient.


  • Zoom in: space, enter, left click.
  • Zoom out: backspace, right click, alt-left click.
  • Move cursor: mouse, WASD, arrow keys.


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